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Warning: This game is big so it might take a while to load. Be patient please! 😊

Multifaces Avatar Maker is a semi-realistic style avatar maker that you can create character images however you want. It's an app that gives you the freedom to create characters of any genre.
You'll have more than 100 options to craft your persona. Various bangs and hair with different shapes and textures, different shaped eyes, eyebrows that can change the entire expression of the face, different noses, mouths with wide smiles or frowns, clothes that fit for both genders, beards and mustaches for a look more masculine, earrings and piercings for characters with more attitude, and don't forget accessories like necklaces, glasses and barrettes.
The application has 80 different colors and two color layers on each item to make it as customizable as possible.
If you're out of ideas for a new avatar, you can click on the Random Match button and for sure something interesting will pop up for you. Not sure which color to choose? How about clicking the Random Color button. Very new combinations will be revealed.
Have a lot of fun creating all these avatars, save it to your smartphone or tablet and share it on social media for everyone to see your creation.

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