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Play Super Heroine Avatar Maker and create your own customized super character that you can use as an avatar! Did you ever wonder what would you look like as a super heroine? Do you want to have an image to use on different sites and forums? Now it's the time to play this amazing game and create your own! Start with the character and customize all her features. You can pick the shape and color of her eyes, her nose, the expression of her mouth and a cute lipstick, her eyebrows, her skin tone and finally a cool hairstyle. When you are happy with the girl and she looks just like you, or maybe just like you dream of looking one day, you can move on to dressing her up. You have a lot of fun costumes to choose from. Some of them are inspired by some other famous superheroes, some of them are just new inspirational pieces. You need a superhero sticker to wear on your chest, a cape on your back, a mask to hide your identity and a pair of gloves. When you finish, you will unlock a secret superpower! You will also be able to download different images to use as an avatar! Have fun!

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