Y2K Fashion 2 Dress Up Game Mobile

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This is version 2.0 of the Y2K fashion game with new low-waist pants, moveable belts, cargo pants and tops, capri pants, and an easier color picker for hairstyles.

This is what I and many others have been waiting for: a good quality, high fashion, and right-on-trend, dress-up game celebrating the fashion of the 2000s. You will find all the essentials: a choker, a gold chain belt, chunky boots, cargo pants, low-waisted pants, and everything that was stylish in the 2000s. Oh, and if you are confused by the title, the Y stands for a year and K stands for a thousand. The so Year 2000 fashion!

Art: Poika (instagram.com/poi.ka/)

Tags: y2k   fashion   urban   street   Dress Up Game   dressupgames.com   2000 fashion  

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