Publicado em: 17 / 11

Third place on SBGames 2023

Hi, guys! These last two weeks have been intense and full of accomplishments! 🏆💖 I’m thrilled to share that I was one of the finalists at the SBGames 2023 Arts Festival! 🚀🌟 Furthermore, we won 3rd place in the Video category with the Trailer for the FolclorES Coloring Game! 🎮🌈 These awards are a validation […]

Publicado em: 03 / 10

Break on Twitch

Hey, guys! I will be taking a break from the lives on Twitch. I’ve done it but I haven’t felt great results. I had intended to bring people new to Twitch to experience the site and the games, but my game development and art content ended up falling on adult men who enjoy programming more […]

Publicado em: 23 / 05

Art videos at Twitch and Youtube

Hey guys! I started making lives last week and I’m excited. Not because the channel is prospering, but because I really have an obligation to take the time to continue developing games for Kawaii Games. As I am working 8 hours a day as a designer, I have no desire to work for my website, […]

Publicado em: 15 / 05

Live on Twitch – Sunday (16/05) – 18h

Hey guys! Tomorrow I will do a live on Twitch. I’ve been doing several tests for a few weeks and I think I’m finally ready to show my work. It’s been very difficult lately to reconcile my work as a designer at ESESP and my work as an owner and developer at Kawaii Games. But […]