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Heglaé M. Maia - Sunday, 23 May de 2021

Hey guys!

I started making lives last week and I’m excited. Not because the channel is prospering, but because I really have an obligation to take the time to continue developing games for Kawaii Games. As I am working 8 hours a day as a designer, I have no desire to work for my website, because I am already tired. And when the weekend arrives, my will to work is practically unexistent. But committing to stream videos encourages me to continue, even if it is only a short time. And there is always someone watching the stream, which makes me excited about Kawaii Games again.

You can follow me over there on Twitch. I’m having lives every Sunday at 6 pm (GMT -3) or 5 pm (EST). Or if you don’t like watching live, but want to watch it later, I’m uploading the videos on Youtube.

You can watch the two lives I made so far below:

If you can follow me on both channels, Twitch and Youtube, I will be very happy and grateful! 🤗

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