FolklorES Coloring Game (Teaser Image)

Heglaé M. Maia - Thursday, 13 October de 2022

Hey, guys!

Now I can talk about this project that was on hold. With the support of the Secretary of Culture of Espírito Santo, Kawaii Games will make the FolklorES Coloring Game with a folklore theme from Espírito Santo (my state).


In the game, you will have different drawing tools like pencils, crayons, a brush, a paint bucket, and stamps! And not only that, but the game will also have a printed version, and a coloring book (available initially only in my state)!

Our illustrator has already started the initial sketches and will show you as soon as we have more illustrations! For now, get a preview of the game with one of the typical dances of our state, the Congo. In this preview, the illustration was done by me, Heglae, but Tizy Izumi will do the official drawings.

Do you like my art in this teaser? Tell me in the comments.

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