Multifaces Avatar Maker – Webgl version

Heglaé M. Maia - Monday, 29 November de 2021

Yes! Multifaces Avatar Maker available at:

The website version is a responsive version, which works on all types of mobile devices and also on your computer.

Please be patient because the game has gotten a little bigger than most games I make, so it might take a while to load. But it will be worth the wait! 😉

Here are just a few examples of what you can build in the game:

I tried to do Miles Morales










I think this was one of the games that took me the longest time to make! It was an incredible journey because for the first time I made a game that was sponsored by the Espírito Santo Department of Culture and allowed me numerous achievements such as upgrading equipment (new computer and smartphones), hiring a programmer. It makes me want to run for more support so I can make Kawaii Games grow bigger and bigger!

And don’t forget that the game also has an Android version in case you want to have the game with you on your device all the time.

Let me know if you liked the game and what you think I can improve!

Have a good time! 😁

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