New game: Kawaii Kitty Cat Girl Dress Up Game

Heglaé M. Maia - Wednesday, 29 September de 2021

Hey guys!

After a few months without releasing a game, the Kawaii Kitty Cat Girl Dress Up Game is finally coming out.

The game took a long time to come out due to technical problems in the programming part. As I asked the programmer for new things, it ended up delaying a lot.

But the advantage is that the games will now come out in an app version for Android. Yay!

Check out the Android version:

The interesting thing here is that, after a long time, we will have an art that is not mine. I hired Tizy Izumy to make this cute art for the game and I really liked it.

If you find any problem in the game, both in the online version in HTML5 and in the app version for Android, please send me an email, message on social networks, comments on the website, etc., so I can fix the game ASAP. 😊


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