User Interface Mockup ready

Heglaé M. Maia - Tuesday, 13 April de 2021

Hey, guys!

Today I took the day to make the layout for Android of Multifaces Avatar Maker.

This is going to be a home screen. The idea is that in the center, where there is a photo, keep changing the image from time to time. There will be 2 female and 2 male characters.

This is going to be the game screen. I tried to make it so that all buttons are simple and easy to identify and also with little text so that it will be more accessible to everyone.

And this is a final screen, where the user can save the image, reset the character and go back to the game screen to do it all over again and create as many characters as he wants.

There are 3 other screens, but they are screens that do not have much to show, since they are only buttons, which would be the configuration screen, the credits screen, and the game exit screen.

I hope you enjoyed it. Any questions, send me a message in the comments. ?

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