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Heglaé M. Maia - Monday, 12 April de 2021

Hey guys!

Multifaces Avatar Maker is moving towards its final moments. I’ve already made all of the game’s graphic assets, from the avatar itself to the user interface. This time I will not be the one to do the game programming, it will be my ex-teacher of the technical game course, Fabiano de Paula. He will do this part for me. I also worked with him on his project, Ride for Love, an infinity run game with bikers and aliens. I was responsible for the user interface and scenarios. As soon as I can show it, I will put here what I produced for his game. ?

I still have to make some adjustments to the characters’ shadows. I did a brown shading that was great for the skin, but it was kind of weird on the hair and the rest of the items. I’m going to put them all in grayscale and I believe that this way will improve the aesthetics of the avatar.

You can see that Multifaces Avatar Maker is one of those avatar creators that you can create both female and male characters. I love this kind of fluidity in avatar creators!


My programmer also asked me to make a prototype of the user interface for Android. Yes, this game can be downloaded for Android smartphones! You can see the mockup on your left. The idea is that that portrait in the middle is exchanging avatars with the portraits shown above.

I had stopped publishing games on Google Play because my programming knowledge is not the best and some games were having a lot of responsiveness issues. Sometimes clothes and items would appear totally out of line for users and I have no idea what to do to fix them.

With a programmer, the chances of this happening are much less. So this game will have an online version here on the website and also an app version for Android.

There are still several details of the game to pay attention to, such as choosing background music and also thinking about the advertisements, but everything will be done little by little.

Anyway, I can only publish the game as soon as the Secretary of Culture of Espírito Santo publishes my name in the act of confirmation, but while it is not published, I will try to advance the game to the maximum so that as soon as I can launch, I have the minimum amount of work to do.

So, did you like how the game is doing so far? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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