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There are 4 main stages in the life cycle of a person and in order to make it more fun for you while you linger around trying to discover them one by one we’ve featured one of your favorite Disney characters: Queen Elsa. If you are already curious to see what she will look like when she is a grandmother then feel free to get started with the Elsa Life Cycle game for girls and prepare yourself to discover the first stage in her life: childhood. Here you are going to find and adorable toddler Elsa who is in love with her favorite stuffed toy, Olaf, and that you get to dress up in super cute, tiny princess dress and doll-like shoes. As an adolescent, Elsa used to be into punk fashion style… can you picture that? Bold colors for her makeup looks, lots of leather clothing pieces in black and studded accessories that’s what you are going to find in her teenager wardrobe. Mix and match your favorite items and punkify her teenager look in a highly original way. Next be prepared to meet adult Elsa, the stage when she began to look a lot like the Queen we all know. As an adult, Elsa loves natural colors for her makeup looks, she loves feminine dresses, pencil skirts and really cute tops that you can pair with trench coats or blazers… come and browse through her brand-new wardrobe and help her put together a lovely look for today’s busy agenda. The forth and last stage in Elsa’s life cycle is the one in which you are going to discover an old Elsa. Choose something chic for grandma Elsa and then see if you can fade her wrinkles with a light makeup. Have fun! <3

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