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In the Kawaii Magical Girl Dress Up Game, you can create your anime magical girl, mahou shojo! You have tons of options to create your powerful magical fighter character however you want. Make a super cute girl with frilly ribbons and amazing powers or a strong and mighty warrior lady with enchanted weapons.
You can save your creation with full-body or avatar mode. It's perfect to create your original characters or try to create yourself as an anime magical girl!

Download on Google Play at this link.

Update (22/11/2019): The capes are showing correctly now. 

Update (13/03/2024): The game is on the new updated and responsive smartphone framework. I added 4 new clothing sets inspired by Sailor Galaxia, Magical Warriors of Rayearth, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Heartcatch Precure.

Update (04/01/2024): Added 1 curly bang and 1 afro hair.

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