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My Little Pony Coloring

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Hello my friends and welcome to our new game with My Little Pony where you will find our best friends from a magical universe! This new game's named is My Little Pony Coloring and is the first coloring game from this category. We are very happy to announce you that this new game is created by our team for our players! In My Little Pony Coloring game you will have to color some interesting pages with characters that are main protagonist in My Little Pony shows from Disney Channel. What it more awesome is that in My Little Pony Coloring you will have 3 pages for coloring, so, the first pony that you have to color is applejack, a nice and happy poney that all the day eat apples. The second page is with Fluttershy, a pony that have pinky long hair. The last level of My Little Pony Coloring game is with Twilight Sparkle, one of the most popular pony from the show. So, here you can color all this poneys online for free and fun. You will be able to select your color from the bottom of the game, and if you want to color them like in original, we put for you a photo in the right corner.

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