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Are you tired of the same old avatar maker?
Meet Pastelkatto's Avatar Maker to give you a fun new way to create your anime-style avatar. Choose from dozens of different hairstyles, colors, and eyes and mouths. Then add some tattoos, move some items around like hair accessories, or wear a nice bow-tie top or a sweatshirt, whichever suits you best. When you're done, you'll have an avatar that's truly unique to you!
According to the developer, this game will be updated from time to time, so maybe when you come back to play again, you'll have new items to customize your avatar.

Try clearing your browser cache if the game does not load or an error message appears.

2023-08-16: Pastelkatto Avatar Creator Version 2.3 is now live! 
- 30 new items, the hands have been slightly edited (softening some of the lines).

2022-12-29: Pastelkatto Avatar Creator Version 2.1 is now live! 
- 20 new items, 9 items fully redrawn and a few ones edited.

2024-04-22: Pastelkatto Avatar Creator Version 2.4 is now live!
- 22 new items, all head shapes have been redrawn to be slightly wider, items that no longer fully match these head shapes will be fixed in future updates.
- Fixed a bug where the eyebrows couldn’t be moved down

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