Kawaii Witch School Dress Up Game

Heglaé M. Maia - Wednesday, 09 February de 2022

Hi people!

This last week I launched the Kawaii School of Witches dress-up game. It’s a really cute game with Tizy Izumy‘s illustration. The art was ready since last year, but with the madness that was the development of the Multifaces Avatar Maker game, it was very difficult to follow up with the little witch’s project.

You can create different types of witches that are inspired by famous anime or create your own 100% original witch.

The game has a WEBGL online version that you already know:

And the Android version:

Both have a few ads as possible, not to ruin the user experience, but enough to help me keep making the games. 😉

If you have suggestions for new games, you can post them on the Requests page. Whenever I’m going to start thinking about developing I take a look there to get inspired and see what you really want.

So, what did you think of the game? You can make comments here on the blog or through the comments on the game page or on social media. I am always attentive to everyone.

Kisses 😘

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