Multifaces – all graphics ready

Heglaé M. Maia - Tuesday, 20 April de 2021

Hey guys!

All graphics for Multifaces Avatar Creator are ready. Everything has already been sent to the programmer and I am waiting for his return to do compilation tests.

Although, even if the game is ready, I will only be able to post once  SECULT (Secretary of Culture) approves the payment of the prize to continue with this game. 😑😑 Then I will be waiting now.

But while this game doesn’t come out, there are a few things I will do at Kawaii Games:

• Organize games in the correct categories: when Flash games died, I deleted several games, including games from Monster High, Ever After High, etc. And these games were all in Flash. I decided to put fewer categories that encompass more all types of games and without being linked to a specific brand or show. Except that there are more than 500 games in Kawaii Games and changing categories as all of them is a lot to do. But I think I must have already put about 70% of the games in the right categories.

• Create a Discord server for Kawaii Games and put it on the website’s chat page: I’m still in doubt as to whether I do it or not, because I don’t know if there are enough users for this. But I think it’s worth trying. If the server goes empty, I simply delete it and pretend that nothing happened. 🤣🤣🤣

• Continue the game KPop Star Dress Up Game: I am dying to finish this game. I’m in the phase of shading the graphics and after that, I can proceed to the programming part.

That’s my plan, the next few weeks for Kawaii Games. Comment what you think! If you want, you can comment here or on the Orders page or on the Chat page. 😊

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