Publicado em: 14 / 06

Kawaii Games is now on Discord!

Ei, gente! Kawaii Games is now on Discord! You can join our community of people who love dress up games, avatar creators and anime, or just chat about anything. Join now and join us:

Publicado em: 18 / 06

KPop Stars goes to Unity

Hey guys! I can’t believe that the game is finally going to the programming and finishing part. I exported all the doll art to Unity and now I’m organizing the assets in the framework. And now it’s starting to take shape. Now what’s left is to do the buttons part with the new icons and […]

Publicado em: 23 / 04

KPop Stars on Krita

Hey guys! As was said in the last post, I will continue to make the KPop Stars Dress-up game. The games are made in Photoshop and each item has several layers. For example, a blouse has 2 layers of custom color and 1 layer that contains all the shading. So a game easily contains 300 […]

Publicado em: 20 / 04

Multifaces – all graphics ready

Hey guys! All graphics for Multifaces Avatar Creator are ready. Everything has already been sent to the programmer and I am waiting for his return to do compilation tests. Although, even if the game is ready, I will only be able to post once  SECULT (Secretary of Culture) approves the payment of the prize to […]

Publicado em: 12 / 04

Hi, guys!

Hey guys! How are you? This is Heglaé, creator of the Kawaii Games website. I felt the need to create a blog to post the news here and show the development of the games so far. I will also post on the website’s social networks, but I think it’s cooler to have the news here, […]