Publicado em: 21 / 06

Mega Kawaii Chibi Avatar Maker – FolclorES edition

🎉 Mega Kawaii Chibi Avatar Maker – FolclorES Edition Now Available! 🎉 It’s time to create your chibi anime-style avatar with over 300 amazing items! 🌟 The FolclorES Edition brings special news, allowing you to incorporate unique elements of Espírito Santo culture, such as congo, casaca, folia de reis, pomeranos, and capoeira. 🌺✨ 💻 Access […]

Publicado em: 26 / 05

FolklorES Coloring Book Game

?? FolklorES Coloring Game is online! ?? Get ready for an amazing journey through the folklore of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, with the new coloring game available on! ?? ? Choose from 12 beautiful anime chibi-style illustrations, with themes covering traditional dances, parties, food, and legends. Fun is guaranteed for all ages! […]

Publicado em: 21 / 11

FolklorES Coloring Game – Cover Art Process

Hey, guys! I’m very happy that we finished another stage of the FolklorES Coloring Game. All the illustrations were finished by @tizyizumyart and now we go to the stage of organizing them in Unity to get them ready to code. The entire art phase was very rich and here goes the process from beginning to […]