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Meet the most beautiful mermaids from the bottom of the sea. Here you will not find the classic fairy tale princess mermaids but a whole range of mermaids of all kinds. Have you ever seen a shark mermaid? And one with parts of stingrays? How about one that looks like the daughter of a jellyfish? Of course, you can still paint classic mermaids that you're used to, singing to seduce sailors. The cool thing about this game is that you can color with the paint bucket, but it is also a game with several different features, such as colored pencils, pen, brush, stamps and more! You can customize your mermaid however you like. And then just save your creation and share it in the comments! I will love to see how you painted your mermaid! Have fun! <3

Developer's word: (08-09-2020): First of all, I want to apologize. I thought this game would be quick to launch. I ended up taking 4 months to finish, much more than a dress up game. But as I was learning how to make this coloring game template works out, it took me longer than expected. It wasn't just that either. I took some day jobs and ended up not being able to give priority to KawaiiGames. Unfortunately, at least until the end of the year, my production pace will remain very slow, since I am working elsewhere. This does not mean that new game posts will be delayed, but it does mean that it will take me longer to create exclusive games. I hope you understand. Keep supporting me by accessing the games and commenting, this is my fuel to continue. =)

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