Publicado em: 21 / 11

FolklorES Coloring Game – Cover Art Process

Hey, guys! I’m very happy that we finished another stage of the FolklorES Coloring Game. All the illustrations were finished by @tizyizumyart and now we go to the stage of organizing them in Unity to get them ready to code. The entire art phase was very rich and here goes the process from beginning to […]

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FolklorES Coloring Game (Teaser Image)

Hey, guys! Now I can talk about this project that was on hold. With the support of the Secretary of Culture of Espírito Santo, Kawaii Games will make the FolklorES Coloring Game with a folklore theme from Espírito Santo (my state).   In the game, you will have different drawing tools like pencils, crayons, a […]

Publicado em: 18 / 06

KPop Stars goes to Unity

Hey guys! I can’t believe that the game is finally going to the programming and finishing part. I exported all the doll art to Unity and now I’m organizing the assets in the framework. And now it’s starting to take shape. Now what’s left is to do the buttons part with the new icons and […]

Publicado em: 13 / 04

User Interface Mockup ready

Hey, guys! Today I took the day to make the layout for Android of Multifaces Avatar Maker. This is going to be a home screen. The idea is that in the center, where there is a photo, keep changing the image from time to time. There will be 2 female and 2 male characters. This […]

Publicado em: 12 / 04

WIP – Multifaces Avatar Maker

Hey guys! Multifaces Avatar Maker is moving towards its final moments. I’ve already made all of the game’s graphic assets, from the avatar itself to the user interface. This time I will not be the one to do the game programming, it will be my ex-teacher of the technical game course, Fabiano de Paula. He […]